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. there we go. los angeles police are reporting this is their robotic, the police robot that you're looking at. this robot is on the scene of a bank robbery. it is a bank of america branch, downtown los angeles, kind of east los angeles, if you will. two robbery suspects at this point were reported but cannot be found. right now there are unconfirmed reports that there may have been explosives tied to a woman inside of that bank. as you can see, live pictures, these are live pictures from east los angeles, our fox affiliate in los angeles. anyway, wanted to show you those right now. let's stay on the west coast. we will bring you our west coast minutes as we continue to bring you what is happening. also watching some big stories, and here is one of them. 3600-acre fire raging in the san gabriel mountains outside of los angeles. officials said it could take up to a week to contain the blaze which has burned five and a half square miles of far. also, portland, oregon officials may approve i proposal for a publicly subsidized to tell at the convention center. the proposal would require between
in moss angeles. -- los angeles. >> all you want is the best possible classroom experience. there has to be some level of accountability. i would but it might evolve met helped to rate teachers. not testers in a performance what metric will you use? john: that includes your parents. >> but they were educators and my mom said the same thing. there are brilliant teachers out there who change lives. think of the best teacher that still has the impact. wouldn't be wonderful we could trust our children would have that experience? would it is all about the union thomas stranglehold, the pension, benefits, it makes teachers the enemy. but they should be what makes children more successful. [applause] john: the union says it is not just about money. they don't think this system is fair to get students whose parents don't care and the teachers that struggle are unfairly judged. >> this is what is shameful. the unions blame the hard chips on the students. no question but the point* that the mayor was making you want to identify this teachers and move them farther and faster. that is what the un
not all that many years ago i would have absolutely agreed with your point of view. i lived in los angeles at the time of the great crash of the housing industry. i saw what the banks and even more the mortgage brokers, i saw what they were doing. if ever somebody made a case for why government should be regulating them that's exactly what these people did. now, you can argue that maybe they've learned their lesson. maybe they won't do it again, but is there any reason to expect they won't? >> they were regulating it. >> david: another reason the market is beginning to work in housing is because the government programs have tapered off. we had so many of them that did nothing for several years to improve the situation. as they taper off, surprise, the market improves. >> if the government had stepped aside three years ago, let it work out, we'd have a housing boom now. we need 1.5 million new houses a ware because of wear and tear and population increasing. the inventories would have been brought down quickly. more over, in terms of 10%, the government ends up guaranteeing a lot of those m
wednesday. >> the city of los angeles considering a plan to allow illegal immigrants to use library cards as official documentation. under that promofl illegal immigrants in los angeles who can not obtain driver's licenses could use their library cards as identification which could then be used to open bank accounts, access city services. opponents are arguing the library cards might encourage illegal immigration and could be easily exploited by terrorists. san francisco and oakland by the way already adopted similar plans. new haven, connecticut, the first city to award illegal immigrants legal identification cards. >>> up next, leon panetta stern words for the seal team six author who detailed the story of the bin laden raid. is he just as focused on finding those in the white house who have been leaking sensitive information? "the a-team" joins us next. chris hahn, lis wiehl. there you see them. bringing up the rear, james freeman. but he will be leading from the front, i'm sure. lou: joining me now "the a-team", former prosecutor and fox legal analyst, lis wiehl. fox news political an
video that sparked deadly protests in the middle east is behind bars in los angeles. he told a judge his remain as martin yusef. he was convicted of check fraud violation. he was a flight risk. following a protest against austerity measures in spain and greece marchers took to the streets in italy causing the closure of the area. two large unions led a march of 30,000 people that clogged streets and snarled traffic during morning rush hour and the real nfl referees went back last night now that the lock over is over. the officials returns to the field for the game between the baltimore ravens and the cleveland browns and were greeted by a standing ovation from plans -- fans. cheryl: halfway through the game they went back to yelling but that is another story. thank you very much. the federal reserve making its first data dumped on discount window rending under dodd-frank. rich edson joining us with details. what does it show? rich: a financial crisis no longer in freefall or no longer a full-blown crisis. fox went to court and last year won the right to detail emergency discount loans sh
. >> yes. stuart: los angeles the government is getting out of your way and the mayor's planning committee unanimously approved a football stadium mostly privately funded, but don't have a team, ed. they don't want a team. >> you talk about bans, i think there's a ban on the word austerity in los angeles, they've never heard of austerity measures and spending as though they have money which they don't. stuart: not taxpayer money. >> but tax breaks and issues around that, they're getting around a lot of stuff and i'd look and see how much money did that mayor get from aeg. interesting to see-- >> they're building it and you think there's contribution there is? i'm shocked, shocked, ed. new at 10, social security burning through its cash at a record rate. we have the details on the reasons why. and we're also seeing gas prices rise sharply yet across the country. we're about to show you the big hikes in three cities in swing states. and that's next. you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fiel
politics or sometimes local politics are dirty of paris. the mayor of los angeles adopting the platform. but clinton will take a stage tonight and my guest says he could do damage to obama. we have author of "the new york times" best-seller book the amateur. at the top for the last 16 weeks? [laughter] start with this speech. language is innocuous. >> dave release parts of the speech but the full text has not been released. we're getting close to the time. lou: i am getting excited. forgive me if i lose focus. >> obama does not know what is in the speech. my guess clinton and higher still writing the speech as we talk. lou: i had the opportunity to see a number of his speeches. i happen to think he is the brightest, most effective extemporaneous speaker in my lifetime. i wouldn't worry about it if he just says good evening. >> we may have another clint eastwood moment with the ad lib. lou: here we have a of former president being asked to advocate in champion a president who has made government larger than it has ever been. going where no president has gone before. >> he looks at 2012 a
a decision. we have miami, chicago, los angeles. >> the old post office? >> part of it but they still lose $6 million per year. >> the annex has been vacant 15 years. it is beautiful. john: some employees were caught making the videos talk about wasting our money. even these two did not do it all the time. >> you miss the point*. there is nobody bashan. john: but congressmen joins us now. >> the job is ours to motivate. the taxpayer is left holding the bag. nobody pays attention that we sit on valuable assets running up trillion dollars of deficits. john: the gsa admits and has 14,000 excess buildings. you can click on add thought to learn how your money is wasted. the linkage is posted at john but those buildings do not include the empty buildings? >> there are more. we are just talking not own the gsa but military and post office outside of our jurisdiction. john: we've received a response. one year-ago the president called congress to cut through red tape and currently they have 20 steps to go through before moving a property to sale. they say it is the fault of congress. >> so
and went from omaha, neb., to los angeles making it to the ground safely. it made for a very eventful friday. back to you. lou: you have to ask yourself how much of that is for the aarp business. we will see. >> of the arab world still raging with anti-american protests killing themselves demonstrating muslim children being called in to join because. this piece with his lot of lost cause? to the "a-team" reacts. congress racing for the exit to fiscal cliff loans. is the 112th edition the real do nothing congress? we have a shocking comparison for you. will leaders descend on the united states a next week for the united nations general assembly? mr. obama says no to the israeli prime minister. is that an amateur move? will it cost him at the polls? we taken up with the author of the best-selling book on the obama administration called the obama administration called the amateur. from maine to maui, thousands of high school students across the country are getting in on the action by volunteering in their community. it's great, helping others, and it feels good, too. are you in? whoa! an
place. this is intended to be the meeting place much like in boston or the grove in los angeles or an area like times square, this is where you want to go if you're in vegas where ever you are saying to the intense 24 hours per day. liz: online gambling. before the rules became more restrictive, online gambling was bringing in more than a billion in revenue, you're able to capitalize in a certain way on gaming that is more social, what is it? >> casino games play for fun. liz: how do i find them? >> go to facebook or your ios provider or your android provider and download games and yoyoucan play them on mobile de, extended the lead trade became for a few dollars. liz: is this better for when online gambling is legalized? >> i think both. it requires rules and jurisdiction, i think this is legal for every human being on the planet to play no matter where or what age. liz: thank you very much. caesars entertainment, a new publicly traded company but it has been around, we all know the name and the brand, thank you. look forward to seeing the horseshoe casino next week. appreciate
nuclear material, why not give some of us to the terrorists heard attack new york and los angeles and then just lie about it. neil: rudy giuliani, thank you for coming. we are in a lot better shape because of this man. what the number 11 means after this neil: 11 years. it is hard to believe. 11 years. reading the names. stark images played again. each year we go through this and i am reminded by this. nearly 3,000 people who never made it who missed out. think about that. 11 christmas mornings and they never saw. thanksgiving dinners they never shared. summers they could not see their kids play baseball. the mom never made her son's high school graduation or what he learned from her and about victorian speech. the brother who never got to see the yankees win the world series with his brother. this sudden who never knew his dad. the dad who never at saw his seven. celebrating 11 birthdays without a parent. 11 seasons without a coach. precious memories that never were for so many families. we forget to in a moment it is not the moment but the moments that are steeled. a daughter's
. >> brilliant idea. brilliant idea. otherwise the library cards in los angeles wouldn't be used at all. melissa: right. >> also an attempt on the part of lou dobbs to bring its customary balance. we want to show not all the idiots of government are in chicago. melissa: that's a great part. >> los angeles is doing its point. >> you go, los angeles. lou dobbs, thank you so much. as we do every 15 minutes let's check the markets. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange watching fedex and ups. >> that's right. a winning day on wall street and winning day for these two names. now they get to expand in china. this is something that fedex has been waiting for. you can see both names with up arrows, up over 1% for fedex and almost 1% for ups. the two package delivery companies received approval to provide express package services in some cities in china on their own. that is according to the website of the state postal bureau there in the country. so this is great news for them. i think fedex actually wanted more cities than what they got. but so far so good. back to you. melissa:
to underwrite people who cannot afford to pay their own water bill in los angeles. it cost me $200 a month to help them out. ashley: you are very generous. >> i'm trying to help my daughter who is a school teacher and my son who sells cars. i'm helping them. there are a lot of people who help their kids. at the same temperament are helping everybody else. select the end of the month, you may be a little bit short. wait a minute, they charged charge me another $200 a month to deliver water and power to my house. i never turn on the light were never turned on the water spigot, i still get charged $200 per month just for the privilege of having water and power. ashley: stockton, san bernardino, mammoth lakes, on the verge of declaring bankruptcy or have declared bankruptcy. how credible this go? >> it's going to go further. every week they will have someone new. this whole state is in fact from a bankrupt. you saw them vote to change pension laws. those will end up in court, as they always do. in the fresno area, which is the bread basket of the world, to food once a week to be the farmers wh
. property sales and would trigger a $250 million funding get to the entire cast a system. los angeles county is about to get its first-ever toll lane. the 11-mile toll lane on the 110 freeway is set to open november 10th and will get l.a. drivers who are used to some of the source gridlock in the country if the action to pay anywhere from $0.25 to a dollar $0.40 per mile to use the best light. can the owner of the staples center, l.a. kings, galaxy may be up for sale. now on the block for bidding. sales complicate the aeg plans to bring the nfl something back to los angeles, something the mayor has been pushing for. that is your westcoast minute. we will see what happens. dennis: earnings begin to trickle in. corporate america on track to report a year-over-year decline in earnings for the first time in years. cheryl: have commercials already have your kid screaming gimme, gimme, gimme. wait until you hear how marketers are now trying to lower rate your children. first, take a look at some of today's winners over all of the nasdaq and there are plenty, including first solar which is the winn
the way he graded mayor via ri go saw of los angeles. >> i give him an a for effort. i give him an a for making sure that americans are better off today than they were four years ago. i think he's being humble when he says that. i do believe that we need four more years. lou: well, i mean, that sounds very persuasive to me, ed. >> they need four more years of full employment for the team around them, but at the end of the day, the country will be in desperate shape. there's no guarantee we'll be one iota better. the premise is four more years of this team and these policies, are we ever going to get out of this mess? lou: brad, you said the republicans succeeded in introducing congressman ryan, the vice presidential candidate. these conventions, realistically, how important are they? what is their real impact on the outcome, say, november 6th:? >> well, it sets the tone for the general election, and certainly with ryan's speech and some of the all-stars, we had christie and rubio and martinez, it let the american people know there's a new face to the republican party, new leader
it was the ideal hub linking the ports of los angeles and long beach out to the rest of the country. san bernardino symbolized the promise that economic growth held for middle class america. it was even the location of the first mcdonald's. but today, this city of around 210,000 has a shortfall of $46 million. over a quarter of its entire budget. unable to fund enough cuts to close the gap, san bernardino on august 1 filed for bankruptcy. >> you called this a stain on the city? >> oh, yes. >> patrick morris has been mayor of san bernardino since 2006. >> how did sweard ge san bernat into the predict ament? >> it was a perfect storm economically when this hit in 2006 and 2007 the bottom fell out. >> in the perfect storm, morris says san bernardino property values dropped by 65%. seven car dealerships shuttered and the city lost tens of millions of dollars of sales, income tax and tax receipts. >> we have major cash flow issues. >> he names a great recession. every city in california has been through the great recession. >> republican state assemblyman mike mor morrell rejects morri' perfect storm an
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. the mansion in los angeles. $16 trillion. you could buy the some 128,000 times if you wanted to. number four, even though the program is no more, you could buy over 9400 space shuttles which according to nasa costs almost 2 billion each to make. number three, the most expensive american sports team in new york , just under $2 billion. you can buy them more than 80600 times. and number two, the biggest company in the world is apple with a market cap of about $6,302,000,000,000. you could buy 25 apples, 25 of those companies and have money left over. the number one thing you could buy with $16 trillion is europe. our national debt is larger than the combined economies of all of europe. can you imagine that? gives that a whole new meaning. coming up, neil cavuto will be here to continue our preview of the democratic national convention including the most important thing to watch for tonight. why i the a lot of folks having a hard time answering one simple question. i you better off today than four years ago? stay with us. gerri: are you better off today than four years ago? ron reagan famous wo
'm flying tomorrow to new york city. it really depends on new york to los angeles, i think you'll be fine, it's been very slow, there were probably be seats available on another flight. i do recommend that the people go to airports early. to get there three or four hours ahead and you might actually get on an earlier flight. if you are scared of flying on american come you might ask for a full refund. if they cancel your flight, proactively, far in advance come over a few days in advance, you are entitled to a full refund, even on a nonrefundable fare. gerri: at the end of the day, i would like to avoid all of that. they sent layoff warnings 11,000 workers. they cancel 300 flights. should you be avoiding it if you can? >> i think if you're going to a funeral or a very important meeting, you probably want to avoid it because you might not get there. i wouldn't go to my uncle harry's funeral and get britain out of the will if i was going to be an american. for example they can put you on another airline, so you could ask for that. you know, i think it is that the system is broken in this co
the mountains. well, today, because of certain regulations, the air is so much cleaner in los angeles. i mean, there are good sides to that, but, again, you're in the energy capital of the world in houston. what's the number of one thing they are talking about there? >> well, they are talking about basically how much better their economy is than the rest of the country, and maybe they don't want to brag about it, but we do. that's why we are here too check it out. the economy grew at more than 8%, 8.6% n 2011, and they replaced all of the jobs that were lost in the recession. we want to find out what that's about. a lot of has to do with energy,t back in the 1980s, last time we saw the oil bubble burst, 87% of the jobs dependent on oil and gas. they diversified a lot since then and learned a lesson. now it's half. we will talk to rich, who just moved up on the forbes 400 list released yesterday. he moved up ten spots because the net worth increased by 3.3 billion or 3 billion i think was last year. can you imagine that? i didn't make $3 billion last year, liz, did you? liz: no. >> we'll see w
on texans. melissa: los angeles was at the top of the list. second place -- houston came in at 20. those are nice places. this is my favorite. there we go -- >> howdy. melissa: that is not a cowboy hat. are you a hipster? >> well, i am trying to lose weight. melissa: cheerleaders at a high school are sending a different message and said of usual signs. they have biblical messages like i can do all things through christ who strengthens me. the superintendent is forbidding the signs. the judge says they can have signed. give us your take. to me this feels like freedom of speech. >> there is a rule that says you cannot use a school speaking opportunity to speak out on religion. melissa: but they paid for the materials. >> he has god on his side. melissa: what about their religious freedom? >> i think there is merit to
thrown in your face. bank robbers paved the streets of los angeles with cash during a high speed car crash. did you see this? we have the wild details coming up next. look, that's money. that's cash! you can never have too much money obviously. ♪ . ♪ melissa: it's time for a little fun with spare change today. we author and small business expert susan, and our own dennis neil. guys, thank you for joining us. all right. first up, a car full of 24 -- i love this one -- full of suspected bank robbers led authorities on a bizarre car chase today. wurch throws out cash from the car towards bystanders, and when it ends, the driver crashes with another vehicle. folks looking for cash, talk about making it rain. someone called into channel 4 and says you see robbers who take the money and one, they they helped us out. we support the robbers. this is what they said on tv. what do you think? >> these guys who did this allegedly have seen too many movie, and they forgot you throw out the crash when you're in a crowd running on foot, but when you drive 60 miles per hour, it didn't work effec
francis. a los angeles jury awarded wynn $20 million after francis claimed wynn threatened to kill him and bury him in the desert. and the u.s. is experiencing its warmest year in history so far, that's according to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. all but one of the lower 48 states is registering temperatures above the historical average so far this year. and now we continue our countdown to the losing bell with -- to the closing bell with liz claman. liz: so ford is breathing new life into a plant in michigan. surely the state needs it. with a closer look at how the auto industry is doing, we'll go to nicole at the new york stock exchange and jeff flock from flat rock, michigan. jeff, give us a taste of what this will really mean. >> reporter: it could have been a plant that was shut down, and you're looking exclusively on the line here at the flat rock assembly plant. today for the first time a ford-only plant. it was a joint venture with mazda, now it is just ford. they make the mustang here but soon, liz, they will make the ford fusion here which now you know t
to transportation. also more importantly, access to jobs. new york city i mentioned. washington, d.c. los angeles as well. those markets command higher rents. living in new york city you seeing that every day. i heard you mention about some of the political messages. florida, definitely a weaker market. michigan, some of those are absolutely weaker markets as well. liz: rent president and coo eric brat tan. thank you very much. people will call you and find me a cheaper apartment. >> come to rent social we'll find it for you. david: i'm sure he gets that all the time. must get a lot of people living at home with their parents wanting to go back to rentals. i'm sure he will be busy. >>> for the first time in 25 years teachers are on strike in chicago, third largest school district. liz: bringing jobs back home. one company tells us why he decided to get out of china and make products here in the u.s. even though it is more costly, david. david: why? liz: tell you why coming up. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but y
, los angeles. recognized by italy, right? >> well, i am a night of the italian -- the order started by st. george. neil: all right. >> mr. cavuto will be fine. i must tell you a full we go further that you are my brother favorite broadcaster. neil: he has an doesn't -- impeccable taste. in all seriousness, one of the things i do look at, and you spoke out and said, look. we do, the ridge among us, have an obligation to pay more. you were not afraid about it. you did not walk around. look. guys like you have done very, very well. you have done extremely well. there are many who are just as wealthy as you who say, well, wait a minute. i already -- we already give as a group quite a bit of money. how much more you want from us? what you think of that? >> well, i think it is too weak. the fact of the matter is that if a guy is making to million dollars a year and paying 2 million in taxes to compare in of a million. bella less-expensive yacht. it's absurd. we are in a time when that tax increase, by the opinions of a lot of very wealthy man in america, is the only way to go. a very good
pollution. our smog problem is terrible, still in places like los angeles and it's pretty much the best way to go because it's got a lot of integrity and it's the only-- the fairest way to go. would you say though, it's easily corrupted by state bureaucrats? >> first of all, their premise is wrong. i'm glad you bring that up. when it comes to regulation, you've got to have the proper balance. we've driven so many matching jobs out of the state. you know where they go? they wind up in china literally. you know where that's coming. >> they have pollution, and turns and the pollution migrates, so by driving the jobs out of california they're not getting their goals, i suppose overall less pollution worldwide and the key to some return is some balance. so this policy doesn't work. >> who pulls the lever on the cap and trade system. >> it's cars-- >> unelected, and put out more regulations, you know how under dodd-frank two-thirds of the regulations to go to write. liz: right. >> they constantly write up these regulations. we have a regulatory body that outlawed-- or decided the size of tv you c
it. thank you very much, nicole. -- the mayor of los angeles antonia larosa. the former president is up against the first game of the nfl season. the cowboys versus the giants. peter barnes is an charlotte. are people complaining that it is bearing clinton by having him speak against the season opener for the nfl? >> they are definitely concerned about it. the people in the media are not particularly concerned about it. stuart: he is on the schedule for 10:30 p.m. that should be right about the third quarter of the game. thank you so much, peter. president obama will not be giving his speech tomorrow night outdoors at bank of america stadium. that may be a good thing because of who did and did not build that stadium. the man whose company did know that his next. >> you did not build that. the meals made that happen ♪ stuart: it is a very modest day for stock markets. weak economic news is continuing raising concerns about friday's jobs report. that will be a politically crucial testament. the national debt hit $16 trillion. there it is in front of you. one other very important n
that person a shores his loyalty and move on to the next victim. stuart: over the weekend los angeles times backed him up with a feature story outlining the very tactics of the law firm he is talking about but when we ask our resident union defender about it he wanted proof that the union did anything wrong. >> show me the cases where that intimidation has been shown, not claimed to have existed. stuart: later this hour phil will join us again. is this true enough of the tactics used by unions to bull the local officials? is it enough? 10:35 we will have it. more bad news for the coal industry and this will cost jobs because the coal producer alpha natural resources says it is cutting production by sixteen million tons. it will eliminate 1,200 jobs companywhy including the closing of eight mines in virginia, west virginia and pennsylvania. more out rage and embarrassment for the royal family. topless photos of the princess -- the duchess of cambridge were published by a french magazine. should she expect some level of privacy? should she get it? would she get it in america? the judge is nex
federal approve. the track runs to fresno and eventually connects san fransisco and los angeles, but others say it is too exceptive. amazon submitted drawings of new headquarters in downtown seattle. the company is going green, literally. there's a 500 foot green slab of metal and glass. construction to start next year. for the second time in two weeks, thrill seekers found themselves stuck again on the wind seeker ride. twenty people stuck 300 people in the air for 3 # three and a half hours. this time, it was a security system malfunction. on september 7th, 50 people were tuck on top of the same ride for three hours. the ride is closed and remains closed while officials investigate. that's the west coast minute. i'd be freaking out. >> stupid amateur's youtube video sparked protests in the middle east, and will the new ad campaign on new york city busses spark jihad? >> the largest hotel in china, talking with the ceo and the company's expansion plans. first, look at the 10-year treasury as we go to break. tracy: shares of resources on the rise after it agreed to sell to north
are very comfortable that washington will be as good as new york, dallas, houston, los angeles and a very short space of time. cheryl: let me ask you about that. you are in 120 cities, six continents. you signed a deal with qantas. the reason this was so big for the industry is because basically they ended their partnership with the british airways. do you think the types of partnerships we traditionally see, we will see that happening point out with middle east airlines like emirates? >> i think we will see probably in the next few years a real alignment in the way the alliance are structured. clearly, it was not working for them. certainly the joint sellers from australia. they valued what we were putting on the table. we valued what they had to offer which was access to their domestic market, the 5000 flights. taken together, it was a model of commercial corporation, which i think will be part of the 21st century aviation. there will be airlines coming together which value what they have to offer each other which may transcend the current structures in place. cheryl: tim, final questio
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